Welcome to Alpha North Bay

Alpha is a series of sessions exploring the Christian faith, designed to create conversation. Whether you’re just curious about faith or new to Christianity altogether, Alpha provides an open and welcoming environment where you can explore life’s biggest questions with people who are asking the same things.


What is Alpha?

No two Alphas are exactly the same—they can take place online or in person, during the day or in the evening—but here’s a general overview of what you can expect.

Connection: The Alpha team will be there each week to welcome you and introduce you to others in the group. Each session begins with some food; this is an important part of creating connection and community among group members.

Content: The talk covers a big topic of interest, such as “Who is Jesus?” or “Can we really trust the Bible?” This can be an incredibly rich time of learning and discussion—the best part is that you decide what you want to talk about!

Conversation: No matter where you are in your journey of faith, Alpha provides a safe and welcoming space to explore life’s biggest questions. With connection-building activities, engaging content that sparks meaningful conversations, and an open platform for dialogue around spirituality—Alpha is the perfect place to start learning more about yourself as well as the Christian faith. So why not give it a try? Join us today on our next Alpha session!


Alpha runs for 11 weeks and includes a weekend retreat. All weekly sessions will be held at the Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption (480 McIntyre Street West).

Jan 16 @ 6:00
Jan 23 @ 6:00
Jan 30 @ 6:00
Feb 6 @ 6:00
Feb 13 @ 6:00
Feb 20 @ 6:00
Feb 27 @ 6:00
Mar 2  @ 9:00 – St. Joseph’s Motherhouse
Mar 5 @ 6:00
Mar 19 @ 6:00
Mar 26 @ 6:00
Apr 2 @ 6:00

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    For more information, contact Pro-Cathedral of the Assumption.
    Please call (705) 472-3970 or email office@procathedral.ca